Senior team-lead drilling and completions supervisor for Shell Oil Company operations of tension leg platforms Brutus, Ursa and Mars in deep-water Gulf of Mexico maintaining a determined, operationally high performance team concentrated on successful HSE focused execution.

Uphole recompletions, slot recovery and side-tracking operations through integrated DWOP and CWOP planning with engineering, rig teams and contract drilling and completion services vendors to achieve and deliver successful results for project targets.

Operations include wellbore pressure kills, slot recovery operations, cutting & retrieving production tubing strings, setting bridge plugs, balanced cement plugs, whipstock setting & casing window milling operations to facilitate directional drilling new production wellbores. Sidetracking operations with rotary steerable LWD tools employing managed pressure drilling techniques and equipment. Installing and cementing intermediate and deep production liners. Perforating and back-surge on target production zones. Installation of completion strings. Executing 2-point hangoffs of completion assemblies with designed mud line tubing hanger and surface tubing hanger weight distribution. Reinstallation and pressure testing of high-pressure wellheads prior to placing wellbores on active production.

Planning future drilling and completion project operations and logistics. Maintaining integrated platform operational details with production teams including marine vessel planning and logistics, construction welding and crane operational and maintenance support.

  • Resume available upon request

  • Formal Education

    • Texas Tech

      Texas Tech University
      Department of Petroleum Engineering

      The Texas Tech petroleum engineering program is recognized as one of the top petroleum engineering universities in the world. As a student officer in the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Kevin Ward conceived and implemented an innovative new program to the student chapter creating a computer forum to introduce new techniques for students to understand enhanced tools available in industry. Kevin also worked for Texas Tech as a lab instructor in the production engineering department under petroleum engineering professors as well as morning tour roughnecking relief work while maintaining a 3.85 GPA.
        — Graduated 1986.

    • Murchison Drilling Schools

      Murchison Drilling Schools
      Advanced Well Control & Drilling Technologies

      Murchison drilling schools are an internationally known trainer in sound operational drilling practices focusing on developing leadership and supervisory skills in drilling foremen with the latest technology for complex drilling operations. Development in hole trends, tripping practices, deviation & stuck pipe, casing & cementing, formation integrity testing, mud solids, shallow kicks and BOP components.
        — Diploma 1997.

    • Shell Oil Pectin

      Shell Oil Company
      Wells Engineering Round 2

      Shell Oil Round 2 Wells Engineering diploma provides competency certification in all facets of drilling methods and technologies including well control & equipment, directional drilling, drilling problems, fishing, drilling fluids, casing design, well abandonment, rock mechanics and Geology, bits & coring and cementing technologies.
        — Diploma 2013.

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  • Drilling Experience

    • Drilling Locations

      • United States
        :: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, California, Utah, Wyoming and Offshore Federal Waters
      • Africa
        :: Nigeria, Cameroon, Zaire, Congo, Cabinda, Angola
      • Australia
        :: Perth, Northwest Shelf, Indian Ocean, Queensland
      • Middle East
        :: Qatar, United Arab Emerates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman
      • Mexico
        :: Monterrey, Veracruz, Tampico, Poza Rica, Campeche
      • Venezuela
        :: Bari, Arecuna, El Tigre, Lake Maricaibo
      • Europe
        :: North Sea, Norwegian Sector
      • Canada
        :: Northern Alberta Province
      • Asia
        :: Malaysia, South China Sea, Phillippines, Japan
    • Drilling Techniques

      • Conventional & Deep Water
      • High Angle / Horizontal
      • Medium / Short Radius
      • Rotary Steerable RSS
      • Multi-Laterals
      • Complex Geometry
      • Extended Reach
      • Managed Pressure Drilling
    • Rigs & Platforms

      • Compound land rigs
      • SCR / Computerized Rigs
      • Skidded Rigs
      • Swamp Barges
      • Tender Assisted
      • Jackups
      • Semi-Submersibles
      • Drill Ships
      • Tension Leg Platforms TLP
    • Drilling Conditions

      • -70° F (Arctic Circle)
      • 160° F (Sahara Desert)
      • 9,000 ft. above sea level
      • 4,000 ft. ocean depth
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  • Professional Certifications

    • Shell Oil Pectin

      Shell Oil Company
      Advanced Well Control Certification

      Shell advanced well control school provides multiple certifications including IADC, IWCF and Shell internal supervisor level certifications with focus on practical skills and knowledge with advanced techniques and a deeper understanding than traditional well control schools.

    • International Association of Drilling Contractors

      IADC - International Association of Drilling Contractors

      Mr. Ward maintains current IADC supervisory level well control certifications.

      IADC's mission is to advance drilling and completion technology; improve industry health, safety, environmental and training practices; and champion sensible regulations and legislation which facilitate safe and efficient drilling.

    • International Well Control Forum

      IWCF - International Well Control Forum

      Mr. Ward maintains current IWCF supervisory level well control certifications.

      The International Well Control Forum's primary purpose is to develop and administer well control training, assessment and certification programmes on behalf of the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry.

    • Society of Petroleum Engineers

      SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers

      Mr. Ward has been a lifetime member of SPE since 1984.

      The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a not-for-profit professional association whose members are engaged in energy resources development and production. SPE serves more than 104,000 members in 123 countries worldwide. SPE is a key resource for technical knowledge related to the oil and gas exploration and production industry and provides services through its publications, events, training courses, and online resources.

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  • Health, Safety & Environment

    • Health Savety & Environment

      Health, Safety and Environment must be pervasive and demonstrated actively and consistently throughout any successful organization. Mr. Ward is a strong proponent of a successful HSE culture with demonstrated safety results from his teams.

      Certifictions & Training

      • HUET Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
      • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety & SCBA fit test
      • Water Survival (API RP-T7)
      • First Aid and CPR
      • Rigger Safety (API RP2D)
      • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course
      • Department of Transportation (DOT HM 126)
      • Shell EPW Wells Operations HSE Training
      • Shell Decision Point Hazard Identification Training
      • ExxonMobil Rigsite Safety Certification Pass
      • Dowell Schlumberger professional driving school
      • Dow Chemical “STOP” Safety Training & Observation Program
      • Schlumberger Stepping / Handling / Lifting Safety Course
      • Schlumberger Back Care School
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  • Current Medical Details

    • CDC Vaccinations Page

      International Certificates of Vaccination

      • Hepatitus B (1st series)
      • Hepatitus A (1st series)
      • Hepatitus B (2nd series)
      • Hepatitus A (2nd series)
      • Hepatitus B (3rd series)
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