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This 20th anniversary of the Gibson 1958 Les Paul Reissue has updated antique finish, classic hardware, hide-glued neck, new truss rod and tuner designs, and vintage-style trapezoid fretboard inlays with mahogany neck with early 1950s profile and rosewood fingerboard. Gibson Custom paid just as much attention to the 1958 Les Paul Plaintop Reissue VOS's electronics as they did to its aesthetics...beginning with vintage CTS potentiometers and bumble bee capacitors, every part of its internal signal path is designed for absolutely dead-on '58 Les Paul tone with a pair of Gibson's CustomBucker humbuckers.

The legendary Gibson ES-335 electric guitar is an iconic semi-hollowbody Gibson model (2015 model), Gibson Memphis finished 150 of this classic in a rich Indigo Blue high gloss lacquer finish over a highly figured, hand-picked maple top. It is accented with a black pickup trim rings and white body/neck binding. The Mahogany neck with bound Rosewood fretboard & Pearloid Small Block inlays is beautifully profiled to the thin, 1960 Slim Taper.Legendary PAF tones of the Gibson ES-335 are easily achieved with Nickel '57 Classic pickups. ABR-1 Bridge & Grover Milk Bottle Rotomatic Tuners.

The bright tone of maple meets a spruce top with the Taylor 618e Grand Orchestra acoustic-electric model which has a robust output and dynamic range for complex tonalities in the largest guitar that Taylor makes. Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics has a 3-section proprietary pickup located behind the saddle providing remarkably clear and accurate sound using a master volume control, a pair of tone controls let you tweak highs and lows using a discreet phase switch for vital onboard feedback suppression.

MESA Lone Star pre-amp head with 6L6 power tubes running pure class A channel assignable power that allows you to assign 1, 2 or all 4 6L6 tubes to either of its 2 channels for independent power ratings of 10, 50 or 100 Watts. 5U4GB (10w/50w) and Silicon Diode (100w) tube rectifiers. 2x12 cabinet C90 speakers.

Custom Pedal Board. MiDi digital effects: Strymon Mobius, TimeLine & BigSky. Overdrives: Bonamassa Fuzzface, handwired Tube Screamer, Bonamassa FET Driver, Boss Waza Craft Blues Driver. Analog effects: Carl Martin Dua Channel Compressor, Boss Terra Echo. MiDi controller: MusicamLAB EFX MKIV. Looper: Pigtronix Infinity. percussion: BeatBuddy. Tuning: PolyTune2 Blacklight.