• Guitar


    The guitar is a popular musical instrument classified as a string instrument with anywhere from 4 to 18 strings, usually having 6. The sound is projected either acoustically or through electrical amplification. My primary instruments are a Gibson Custom Les Paul 1958 VOS and a Taylor 618e.

  • Programming

    Computer Programming

    Reverse Polish Notation programming Hewlett-Packard RPN handeld computer systems such as the HP-50G graphics calculators, advanced spreadsheet applications for the drilling and completions professional and website programming.

  • Networking

    Computer Networking

    Enterprise-class networking infrastructure design & construction. Cisco L2/L3 managed switching, Sonicwall firewalls, APC Smart UPS power protection systems with SNMP client & sever integration, server storage, 19" rack-based enclosure configurations with clean power and data wiring techniques.

  • Slide Rules

    Slide Rules

    The slide rule, known colloquially in the United States as a slipstick, is a mechanical analog computer used primarily for multiplication, division, roots, logarithms and trigonometry (Virtual Slide Rule). This is my collection...
    1944 U.S. Governmnet Slide Rule Instruction Film