• big_red_welcome_to_roma.png

    Roma, Australia in the outback of Queensland

  • dinner.png

    Dinner in the mountains of Kyushu, Japan

  • dsc02402.png

    Dust-Devil in the Outback

  • dscn2408.png

    Driving in the Philippines

  • dscn2410.png

    Filipino Taxi

  • dscn2411.png

    Filipino Bus

  • dscn2412.png

    Filipino Tire Store

  • dscn2416.png

    Driving in the Philippines

  • dscn2420.png

    Very nice Filipino Bus

  • dscn2426.png

    Filipino Side-Car Taxi

  • dscn2450.png

    Geothermal Drilling in Makban area of Philippines for Chevron Geothermal South of Manila

  • dscn3829.png

    Drilling Coal-Seam Methane wells in the Outback of Australia

  • dscn3847.png

    Italian Drilling rig in Australian Outback

  • dscn3853.png

    Manny Tamanyo with Scientific Drilling in Australia

  • dscn3903.png

    Drilling console in Australia

  • dscn3909.png

    Authentic Australian Plumber

  • dscn3960.png

    Australian Outback Countryside

  • dscn3980.png

    Australian Outback Countryside

  • dscn4424.png

    Foam Drilling in Australia

  • dscn4434.png

    Reserve Pit during Foam Drilling Operations in Australia

  • dscn4440.png

    Dusk in the Australian Outback

  • dscn4464.png

    Kevin, Managing Drilling operations in Australia

  • img_0341.png

    Downtown Kyoto, Japan

  • img_0343.png

    Downtown Kyoto, Japan

  • img_0363.png

    Downtown Kyoto, Japan

  • img_0373.png

    Downtown Kyoto, Japan

  • img_0398.png

    Vending Machines with Beer are the First Indications of an Advanced Society

  • img_0512.png

    Geothermal Drilling in Japan in 2006

  • img_0527.png

    Dinner in Japan

  • img_0531.png

    Drilling in Japan

  • img_0533.png

    Running Casing in Japan

  • img_0548.png

    Running Casing in Japan

  • img_0549.png

    Japanese Countryside

  • img_0551.png

    Driving in the Mountains of Japan

  • img_1044.png

    Japanese Bullet Train - Nozomi Shinkansen 700 series

  • kevin_kangaroo_sign-002.png

    Watch out for Kangaroos while driving in the Deep Outback of Australia

  • kinabalu-07.png

    Drilling the first Multi-Lateral well in Malaysia aboard Shell Kinabaloo Platform

  • koala_bear_crossing.png

    Watch out for Koala Bears when roaming around in the Australian Outback

  • max.png

    Max runs the Sperry-Sun Directional Drilling Equipment Facilities in Malaysia

  • miri-kevin.png

    Directional Drilling Offices in Miri, Malaysia for Sperry-Sun

  • road-trains-1.png

    Road-Train's are common on the Long-Haul Routes of Australian Highways

  • road_sign.png

    Roma is 600 Kilometers West of Brisbane, Australia

  • santafe-01.png

    Drilling in the Indian Ocean off the Northwest Shelf of Australia

  • santafe-14.png

    Drilling in the Indian Ocean off the Northwest Shelf of Australia

  • santafe-16.png

    Drilling in the Indian Ocean off the Northwest Shelf of Australia

  • welcome_to_roma_002.png

    Welcome to Roma, Australia