• Gulf of Mexico (GoM) Rigs

    Gulf of Mexico

    Deepwater work in the Gulf of Mexico for Shell Oil Company aboard Tension Leg Platforms. Drilling and completions work aboard Auger, Brutus and Ursa TLP installations. Presently lead drilling supervisor on Brutus Platform.

  • West Africa

    West Africa

    West African land & offshore drilling operations throughout Nigeria, Cabinda, Angola, Camaroon, Zaire and Congo. Contracting cerebial malaria and being held hostage are reasons West Africa is not for the timid. (1992-1996)
  • Asia Image Gallery

    Southeast Asia

    Drilling off the Northwest Shelf of Australia & horizontal wells in the outback including geothermal drilling in Japan and mult-lateral drilling in Malaysia throughout the South China Sea & Indian Ocean. (1997-1998)
  • Middle East Image Gallery

    Middle East

    Drilling throughout the Middle East in the hot sands of the Sahara Desert in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen and Oman. (1998-2000)
  • North Sea

    North Sea

    Drilling in the North Sea for Statoil while living in Stavanger, Norway. Extremely cold weather operations on the Arctic Circle. (1998)
  • North Sea

    Pacific Ocean

    Complex extended reach drilling & completions operations on Platform's Hidalgo and Irene for PXP in the Santa Barbara channel of Northern California. (2006)
  • South America

    South America

    Drilling in the Venezuelan oil fields of Arecuna, El Tigre and Lake Maricaibo for the national oil companies Petróleos de Venezuela, Corpoven and Lagoven. (1996-1997)