Photo of Kevin Ward

Drilling industry veteran with 38 years of world-wide experience. A petroleum engineer, Kevin Ward has conducted drilling operations on 6 continents in 20 countries including conventional, high angle, horizontal and deep water drilling and completion operations. Mr. Ward is a directional drilling expert with 22 years of experience with complex geometry drilling including multi-laterals, extended reach, managed pressure drilling & underbalanced drilling techniques. Kevin has also operated as an engineer for an independent exploration and production operator for 5 years and has most recently operated in the capacity of drilling and completion supervisor for intermediate and major oil companies in the United States since 2006 including extensive deep water operations for Shell Oil Company in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mr. Ward maintains all required certifications for world-wide drilling supervision with IADC and IWCF supervisor level well control, helicopter underwater escape training, active U.S. passport and TWIC card for US federal offshore water access.

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